Monday, March 26, 2012

A very inspired make-up artist

Over at Luna Makeup, a post on this makeup artists blog caught my eye. It's basically what I've been doing to complete my winter wardrobe. I have 3 more key items to possess: A pair of boots and 2 short cardigans to wear with skirts. Other than that i'm set..

I used to work in retail and knowing how early winter stock comes in (while we are still sweating away in Qld temps), i can't stress enough to you ladies and gentlemen that you need to start winter shopping NOW!

Before you know it there won't be anything left and you'll be freezing your tootsies off and wearing frumpy clothes from 2 seasons ago.

So check this post out by Ami.

Carrie x

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Exfoliation Finale!

Well there were a few women who had taken up the challenge....they got so stuck into it they forgot to take photos! Some other women were already undertakng a Exfoliation challenge even before this challenge was given.

However it's great to know that people are out there wanting to improve their lives by improving the environment they live in.

So here are some photographic evidence of those who participated:

One woman from the "Exfoliation" night just had her 2nd child and added my tips of folding her newborn clothes and "filing" them. It makes it so much easier to find things in a hurry and gives you more storage space. She even went and did her toddler girls drawer aswell.

The other was a scrapbooking lover and here are her before and after shots

                                          BEFORE                                                 AFTER

Congratulations ladies on a job well done!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Exfoliation

I was able to Launch "EASTER EXFOLIATION" last week to a organization of women.

It was a great night with some results already! How wonderful!

So therefore i'm going to share the CHALLENGE with you.

This challenge concludes at the end of April...which gives you 8 days!

This is how it works.

To EXFOLIATE means to: remove the outer layers to reveal the newer skin beneath

Your goal is to "exfoliate" an area, big or small, in your home.

This is the process:

ALLOCATE: set aside some time on your planner to organize a part of your home

EXFOLIATE: to exfoliate is a working action, using some elbow grease to get your desired radiant skin,
                         or in this case your desired area to beautify. Make sure you have a VISION.


DUMP: RUBBISH! the "unkeepable".....remember to RECYCLE!

DELIVER: Put this basket in your car and fill it with things that belong to others so it's on hand when you
                    see them next

DONATE: what you have may be someone elses treasure so visit your local Op Shop with your goodies

DOE: YES! you could make some $$$$$$$$$$$ never know what people are looking for on

The last step is to

APPRECIATE: Just like a clean new face your area will be staring back at you with a new feel to it.
                           You can stand back at look at what you've accomplished and even be so proud to show
                           others the new "glowing" area.

So here is an example of someone who has already done the challenge....

Lou Lou's scrapbooking room BEFORE:

The final results will be posted at the end of April!

Will you be the next one?

Please send your before and after photo's to so we can show off your SUCCESS!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cut the Paperflow

It might be nice to have a few magazines lying around on the coffee table for your guests to flip through, however what about if that magazine collection is out of control?

There are a few ways to conquer this paper flow and save you a bit of money too!

When considering buying a magazine take time to flip through it and say to yourself:

"is there enough in here that is worth my $7?"

If you already have a huge collection of magazines take time out to go through them.
If there are articles you want to keep, scan the article and putting it on a file on your computer.

If you are after pictures and deccorating ideas you can always buy a tabbed booked and create your own inspiring book from all those magazines you have collected. It becomes an easy access reference book in times of need and has ALL your interests in one book rather than hundreds of magazines.

The other great source is the internet. Here are a few examples of FREE, yes FREE! online magazines you can subscribe to. It's great, the pages actually flip over like your reading a magazine and you can look at it again and again!

one of our personal favourites: (we LOVE IKEA!)

some you might have to pay for which is entirely fair to the editors that put in all the effort for you to enjoy

Always remember to discard your old magazines in the right place: the recycling bin!

3 years in the making

Just to let you know a little bit of how this site came to be.


I was married at 27...and had lived at home till then. My husband had also lived at his family home till we married which his age was 24. Between both of us we had ALOT of "STUFF" collected along the way.

I travelled and collected. He had childhood collections, motorbikes and "guy" stuff.

I am also into crafts...that can be a task to manage, and he is the fix it man (i love him for it) that comes with tools.

I moved to Queensland to be with my husband. A few days after when he had settled in after the honeymoon the moving truck arrived with all my belongings.

I had ALOT of "STUFF"...all things i THOUGHT mean't something to me.

I ended up having a room upstairs that ALWAYS had the door closed.

That room then travelled downstairs when our baby girl arrived.

It was named the "JUNK ROOM".

I can now say after many trips to the charity shops, giving back belongings to others and downsizing,
We are getting rid of the last of it all and having a GARAGE SALE!

My husband cleaned out the garage and his belongings and said "I didn't realise i had so much "STUFF".

The whole point of this little story is, just that one line my husband said.


My goal, and the goal we share at Sunshine Organising is to help you get through your "STUFF".
I now feel free and ready to do the things i want to do, and i feel inspired to help you do the same.

Carrie x